Dorm Statutes

Dorm provider
The Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz (ESH) is operated by the Association Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz (ESH). This association is based in Linz.

Purpose and intent
The association ESH aims to provide dorm places and to support the adolescent student community in Linz in the spirit of ecumenical and international openness. Furthermore, the association ESH supports educational work by the organisation of seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other activities. The activity of the association is charitable and not for profit.

The management of the dorm and the supervision of staff rests with the dorm manager.

Admission of dorm residents
Anybody can apply at any time of the year at: Button Registration
or in written form: Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz, Julius-Raab-Straße 1-3,4040 Linz
The allocation of dorm places takes place for one academic year at a time, from 1. September to 31. August. The dorm places are allocated, according to the intent and purpose of the association, with consideration to economic and social circumstances and a successful course of studies, as well as in accordance with § 11 Studentenheimgesetz (student dorm law). The obligation to register is the resident’s own responsibility.
The allocation of the dorm place is undertaken by the dorm manager.

Proof of studies
For the admission into the student dorm, a school leaving certificate or proof of enrolment needs to be presented. Proof of enrolment is to be presented to the dorm management once per semester.

Contract of use and contract period
Normaly a contract runs from 1. September to 31. August. Shorter periods are possible.
For Freshmen: by your request a contract over two years is also possible.

Charges, Deposit
The monthly charge for use is set in accordance with § 13 Studentenheimgesetz (student dorm law). The charge for use is collected via SEPA direct debit on fifteenth of the previous month.


Interests of the deposits are used by the representatives of the residents for matters of the whole dorm community.

Representation of interests of the Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz
The representation of the dorm residents’ interests rests with the representatives elected in accordance with § 7 of the Studentenheimgesetz (student dorm law).
For the cooperation between the elected representatives and the association Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz, the provisions of the Studentenheimgesetz, the Contract of Use and the Dorm Statutes apply.
The representatives of the dorm take the responsibility for common activities.

Rights and obligations
Each resident can access, leave and lock/unlock his room/flat at any time.
For cleaning purposes, the staff is allowed to access the rooms/flats. The bodies of the association Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz and the dorm management are to be granted access to all living spaces if advance notice – 48 hours before - has been given. Notice is not necessary if the dorm place is being entered in order to avert imminent danger.

Visitors may be received in our dorm. For visits to twin rooms, small apartments and shared apartments, the consent of the other residents is required. Visitors may only enter the communal rooms and kitchens when accompanied by the resident. The use of these rooms takes place at the user’s own risk.
Non-residents are not permitted to live in the dorm or stay overnight. To contravene means financial charges for the resident or loss of the room.

No keeping of animals
No animals are to be kept in the student dorm.

Electronic devices
Computers (for study purposes), radio and TV sets as well as coffee machines may be set up and connected in the rooms. Licenses for the operation of radio and TV sets are to be obtained by the resident themselves from the authority. Additional electrical appliances such as hot plates, microwave ovens, heaters, air conditioning systems etc. are not allowed in the rooms.
For damages that are not covered by insurance, the user will be liable.

Peace and quiet in the house
With consideration to other students, volume must be kept at a room level within the student dorm. In the time from 10pm to 7am, the rule of night-time peace (“Nachtruhe”) applies, including the car parking spaces, the lawn areas as well as the driveways and entrances to the student dorm.
The playing of music in the music rooms is allowed from 9am to 10pm.

Smoke-free dorm
Our house is smoke-free.

Dorm places and communal rooms
Dorm places shall mean living spaces with a vestibule, shower and toilet.
The use of the lecture and event rooms for events requires the approval of the dorm manager. As a general rule, students may use all rooms that are not dedicated to other purposes (e.g. the dorm director’s accommodation, storerooms, utility rooms). With the exception of apartments and ground floor rooms, cooking is only permitted in the kitchen on each floor. All rooms are to be kept clean; any dirt is to be removed immediately by the person who caused it.
Every dorm place user is obliged to treat the furnishings of the dorm place allocated to them, as well as those of the communal rooms, with care.
The bringing in of personal furniture (e.g. wardrobes, beds etc.) and its setting up, as well as any changes to the room, require the consent of the dorm manager.

Events on dorm premises are allowed if general safety, noise disturbance and fire safety provisions are observed, however, they require the advance consent of the dorm manager.

Exclusion of liability of the dorm provider
The association Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz will only be liable to the users for damages they have suffered in the building within the limits of legal provisions. Cases of damage are to be reported to the dorm management immediately and in writing.
The use of the sports and communal rooms takes place at the residents‘ own risk.
The use of the park and lawn areas of the student dorm takes place at the residents‘ own risk and the highway code must be observed.
The association Evangelisches Studentenheim Linz will not accept liability for potential damages that are caused by force majeure or by power outages in the student dorm.

We refer to Austrian laws and regulation, e.g. DSGVO or regulations of the ZID of the JKU.

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Linz, May 2020